New: Little Gorges at the Victoria Falls

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Imvelo Safari lodges are excited to announce the opening of their new luxury tented addition at Gorges Lodge in February 2016

Perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, with awesome views of the Zambezi River 250 metres below, and across into Zambia, Little Gorges is the latest addition to Imvelo Safari Lodges’ portfolio of spectacular, remote and exclusive destinations.

Little Gorges overlooks the dramatic junction of the Dibu Dibu River and the Zambezi, where black eagles and lanner falcons nest in the sheer cliff faces.

Little Gorges has five tented bedrooms and a stone-under-thatch central dining and entertainment area where guests can relax with a cold drink from the bar.  Guests can also make use of the swimming pool and WiFi at the main Gorges Lodge.

The bedrooms are under canvas on platforms made from steel with a wooden deck.  Bedrooms are spacious with 60 square metres of living and veranda space.  Bathrooms are cut back into the terrain, constructed from brick under canvas.

Four rooms have twin double beds and the fifth a king bed, under mosquito nets, with mini bar fridge, fans, hairdryers and all the other amenities currently offered at Gorges Lodge.
The bathrooms have a spacious shower, twin basins and separate toilet.  Furnishings maximise use of local materials, including the splendid deep red wood of the indigenous Zambezi teak.

Little Gorges is a 30 minute transfer by road from Victoria Falls town, with all its attractions of shopping, restaurants and activities, as well as the Falls themselves – a walk through the rain forest is an essential experience for every visitor!

Little Gorges will be line priced with main Gorges Lodge in 2016 and guests will be able to partake in all the same activities too, ensuring all our guests leave having enjoyed the same excellent standards and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Gorges is famous for its spectacular views, described by some as the best in Southern Africa, and we look forward to continuing to share this with our guests from our fabulous new tented extension this year.

Imvelo + Dentists Safari

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The final stage of our 2015 Dentists’ Safari involved clinics at Lukosi and Lupote for the communities to the north of Hwange Park. We were based at Nehimba lodge, first time for the dentists, so a great deal of anticipation to enjoy the unique elephant experience there.

The first clinic at Lukosi was set up at St Marys Primary school, where our team treated 381 patients on a day that recorded temperatures in the shade well over 40 degrees C. But it was the next day at Lupote that our magnificent team of volunteers had their finest hour. On a day blessed with a cloudy sky the clinic was thronged with people desperate for the first class dental care they have come to expect from our team. Our buses shuttling in patients from the villages arrived full every time, and many more streamed in on foot.

To handle the numbers an extra marquee was set up for diagnosis, so our ‘waiting room’ was cleared and used only for administration of anaesthesia. And through what became a very long afternoon our doctors and their back up team dug deep – every single patient was treated, fed and then bused home too. A record 621 patients in a day.

546 received free dental care with literally thousands of treatments, 75 had their eyes tested and received spectacles and over 700 meals were served. But the highlight for many of us was as we drove out. A crowd of patients waiting for their bus ride home, stood clapping and waving as we departed.

Then of course Nehimba did not disappoint, providing a most extraordinary few days. The elephants and all the other wildlife including lion and wild dog congregated at the end of what has been a long dry season, providing us with a spectacle of wildlife unprecedented on any previous dentist safari. The cherry on the cake was the rains that finally started on the last day and provided huge relief to the parched earth and our thirsty herds.

To the whole team a very big and heartfelt thank you and of course… “See you next year!”

Rescued lions successfully released into their new African home

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Jora and Black safely rehomed to South African sanctuary

Today saw the successful release of the two magnificent ex-circus lions that the Born Free Foundation rescued from Bulgaria.

Jora and Black’s epic journey took them more than 10,500 miles, via the UK, and concluded on Sunday with their arrival at their overnight camp before final release this morning into their large, naturalistic accommodation at the award-winning Shamwari Game Reserve.

The two eight-year-old lions started their journey ‘home’ from a halfway house in central Bulgaria to Bourgas Airport on the Black Sea coast, late on Friday, 25th September. From there they were flown by Thomson Airways to London’s Gatwick Airport where legendary actress and Born Free co-founder, Virginia McKenna OBE, was waiting to give them a warm welcome.

Virginia said: “Born Free has successfully moved many captive animals but each occasion is unique in its own way. I am really happy to have seen these two lions at Gatwick before they head to their African homeland. I hope their story will inspire people to treat wild animals with respect and understanding, and never subject them to totally inappropriate existences in captivity. Jora and Black are flagship animals for the ending of all wild animals in circuses. Let all countries follow Bulgaria’s example.”

Jora and Black then travelled by road, in approved quarantine vehicles operated by JCS Livestock, to London’s Heathrow Airport where they were carefully prepared for the longest leg of their journey – a flight to Johannesburg International Airport. Much-loved Coronation Street actress Helen Worth, who launched the successful appeal for Jora and Black’s rescue in July and has been closely following their progress, took the opportunity to wish the brothers a fond farewell as they left the UK.

Helen said: “It is so exciting to see Jora and Black on the move to their wonderful new home. They are absolutely stunning animals and I feel really privileged to have had a chance to see them close up and on their way. I love Shamwari Game Reserve and I know they will have a lovely home there.”

After landing in Johannesburg, Jora and Black were transported by road. A convoy of Land Rover Discovery vehicles and trailers completed the journey to Shamwari Game Reserve, near Port Elizabeth. Born Free staff, friends and local media watched with delight as Jora and Black were released into their new enclosure, setting paws on Africa soil for the first time.

Mark Cameron, Jaguar Land Rover Experiential Marketing Director, said: “Our vehicles are designed with the power and ability to safely transport heavy and precious cargo. We were delighted to be able to support Born Free with the relocation and to ensure that Jora and Black had the most comfortable ride possible to their new home in Africa.”

Shamwari Group Head of Wildlife and Veterinarian, Dr Johan Joubert, and Born Free’s Big Cat Specialist, Tony Wiles, travelled with Jora and Black throughout their journey, making regular health checks.

Dr Joubert said: “I am delighted we have been able to take these animals and offer them a permanent home in the African bush. It is a stark contrast from the trucks in which they were first found. These animals have travelled well and show every sign of settling in and reestablishing some of their natural behaviour.”

Jora and Black’s new lives in their spacious, safe and enriching accommodation will be a world away from the circumstances in which they were rescued by Born Free, assisted by FOUR PAWS, earlier this year. Taken in as small cubs, the brothers were originally part of a circus act touring Eastern Europe and Turkey. Following the Bulgarian government’s much-welcomed ban on the use of wild mammals in circuses, the lions were left to languish in a stifling beast wagon since the summer of 2014, until the owners agreed to re-home them with Born Free.

They will now be given lifetime care by Born Free at Shamwari. To donate £3 to help Jora and Black, text LIONS to 70007. £10 will buy a health-enhancing vitamin boost for both lions. £20 will buy one day’s good food for both lions. £75 will buy one week’s loving care for one lion. £3,900 would provide one year’s expert care for one lion, good food and any medical treatment needed.

To find out more about Jora and Black’s new life, meet some of Born Free’s other rescued animals, or make a donation to enable the Foundation to continue its work with some of the world’s most vulnerable animals, visit

About Shamwari Game Reserve

Shamwari, meaning “my friend” in Shona, is the pinnacle of private game reserves and home to the coveted Big Five. Stretching 25,000 hectares over a malaria free landscape, it offers an award-winning nature experience and is one of the largest private conservation initiatives in Southern Africa. Shamwari Group presents guests with the very best that Africa has to offer whilst conserving a vanishing way of life. For more information about Shamwari, please visit:

Do you belong to the people with a desire to learn about and experience the wilderness?

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Environmental Training Courses in the Okavango Delta

The Botswana Guides/ Nature Ecology Course is a theory based course with a strong emphasis not only on the practical skills of guiding but also the full syllabus used by southern African guides to qualify for the theory exam.

The focus of the course is taking the classroom to the wilderness. While there are informative lectures the majority of the training happens out in nature on boat, mokoro (dug-out canoe), on foot or in a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
The course is modular so you may join the course for 2 or 4 weeks. Many choose to do the full 28 days over a period of 2-4 years due to leave constraints.

· game walks
· approaching big game on foot
· game drives
· mokoro (dugout canoe) excursions
· motor boating
· muscle memory for rifle handling
· theory lectures
· navigation
· stargazing and astronomy

Obtaining a qualification is not necessary – this course is ideal for purely enrichment
purposes and no prior experience is required. However, there are two qualifications available and students may choose to do the FGASA qualification in addition to the BQA (Botswana Qualification Authority) qualification which is mandatory for obtaining a Botswana Guides License. Exams are weekly.

What sets Okavango Guiding School apart?

Kwapa Training Camp is situated in a wilderness area that is unfenced for hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. Doing your training in the Okavango Delta is a unique experience.


Elephant Express

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For nearly 20 years a rail transfer option for safari guests to the south east of Hwange National Park has been dreamt of, but in 2014 the Imvelo Safari Lodges team turned that vision into reality and re-invented their safari transfers into a unique activity, using the railway line that runs in an almost completely straight line along Hwange’s northern boundary . During 2014 and early 2015 it has been thoroughly tested and systems have been fine tuned. The ‘Elephant Express’ rail car is now operational and geared to ensure a fabulous experience for our guests visiting our lodges in southern Hwange. 8 km from Hwange Main Camp, at Impofu Siding, set in the shade of ancient Zambezi teak trees, our guests either boarding or alighting the Elephant Express will feel they have been transported back in time to an era when safari by rail was part of the adventure. At this exclusive siding in the forest, our guests can sip cold drinks and enjoy snacks following or prior to their 70 km, two hour trip into or out of Bomani or Camelthorn Lodges near Ngamo Siding. The Elephant Express seats 22 passengers and the finishes are comfortable and elegant. They include individual coach seating, a chemical toilet, teak tables, plenty of space for luggage and a large aisle that allows guests to walk around comfortably and provide unrestricted game viewing. Our railcar has every safety feature too.

The Elephant Express has been deliberately designed to travel either forwards or backwards, with an independent engine and gearbox at either end of the vehicle. There are also sidings every 10 km on the straight route to allow traffic to pass, and our drivers are experienced railways’ engineers each with over 30 years experience on this line. They are in constant communication with other trains and traffic control and have 25 km of visibility in both directions. Imvelo guides are also on board at all times to ensure guest comfort and help them enjoy the wildlife, scenery and vegetation en route. The Elephant Express also provides shorter game viewing trips across the Ngamo Plains to Ingwe Siding or can even be used as an all day activity for guests who want to make the trip to and from Impofu for fun – what a magnificent start or end to a safari in Hwange National Park, gently rattling along in style with a cool drink and enjoying the wildlife and vast wilderness around you.

The rail car transfer option will be free of charge between Impofu and Ngamo Sidings for 2015. Drop off and collection from Impofu will be either by transfer buses or game viewing vehicles depending on guests’ next or previous stop. At Ngamo Siding game viewing vehicles will drive guests for the 10 to 15 minute hop to either Bomani or Camelthorn Lodge. The Elephant Express will make daily return trips as necessary between Ngamo and Impofu. To Impofu in the morning and back to Ngamo in the afternoon. Please note that the Elephant Express runs according to daily scheduling specified by the National Railways of Zimbabwe and as such may be subject to delays and cancellations, which are beyond our control. Times are set daily and communicated to the incoming and outgoing road transfers. Sjaan on is our central controller between lodge and transfer companies to ensure smooth running. We need to exercise great caution when using the Elephant Express to link with regional and international air travel and these guests must arrive or depart by road transfers. However, we will endeavor to ensure that all our guests have the option to
experience the Elephant Express during their stay through either the transfer activity, a day trip or a short game viewing activity. This of course cannot be guaranteed for guests on short stays. Imvelo Safari Lodges are proud and excited to have started this unique experience for our guests to enjoy when visiting our lodges in the south eastern corner of Hwange. For further queries please contact or

Imvelo Safari Lodges acquires Nehimba Lodge

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We are thrilled to announce that Imvelo Safari Lodges has acquired Nehimba Lodge.

Situated in a private concession in the Northern part of Hwangwe National Park, Nehimba has seven spacious chalets and a charming guest area where you can relax by the pool and enjoy a unique wildlife experience in a remote and previously unexplored sanctuary, An easy scenic four-hour drive from Victoria Falls will bring you into the heart of this this unspoilt wildlife paradise. No two days are the same at Nehimba and game viewing experiences are tailor-made to our guests’ preferences, including game drives, walking safaris and night game drives.

Conservation projects at Shamwari Group in South Africa

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Nature has always been a priority in the Shamwari Game Reserve. In many ways, Shamwari is the pioneer in ecotourism in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Today, there is a wildlife organization consisting of two veterinarians, two ecologists, environmentalists and more skilled conservationists. The main focus is to ensure a stable environment for flora and fauna in the long term and protect the ecological integrity as well as the maintenance of wildlife.

Shamwari Wildlife and its organization have been awarded many international conservation awards for its conservation efforts.
Despite the historical animal wealth in the Eastern Cape, a large part of which was almost wiped out within two centuries of agricultural development. Since 1990 Shamwari is actively involved both the animal and plant life to be restored. Today, Shamwari, consists of 25,000 ha mainly of natural vegetation and a variety of wild animals, which influence each other in a natural way, including the predator / victim dynamic which makes nature only a fascinating spectacle.

On 3,500ha in Shamwari Game Reserve rare animals are bred and raised.

Born Free Foundation Animal Rescue and Education Centre
This is a joint project of the Shamwari Game Reserve and The Born Free Foundation, UK, with the aim to ensure a long-term care and support rescued African Cats. These cats have lived internationally in cruel conditions and are now housed at Shamwari. In addition, educational opportunities for guests and students will be provided.

Protect rhinoceros and, at the same time, go on safari
In cooperation with the Wilderness Foundation guests of Shamwari Game Reserve, the Sanbona Wildlife Reserves and the Jock Safari Lodge can support the fight against the poaching of rhinos in South Africa. On the special price, Shamwari Group will donate to the Forever Wild – Rhino Protection Initiative.

Electrical safari vehicle
Recently Shamwari Game Reserve introduced their first electric vehicle to the safari experience, promoting “green” and nature conservation. Also hereby the initiative is supported against poaching in the Shamwari Game Reserve. The electric Nissan Truck with 20 seats is to be used amongst others by the students participating in the Shamwari Conservation Experience program.

Heritage Special Offer at Jock Safari Lodge

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Stay at Jock Safari Lodge during June & July 2015 our Heritage Offer!

R2500 per person per night sharing
R3750 per single person per night.

Special rate is inclusive of accommodation, 2 game drives, 1 game walk, 3 meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), game drive drinks and all tea, coffees & waters.
Guest must book a minimum of 2 nights to be eligible for the “Heritage Offer” rate.

This special promotion is not combinable with any other offers that we currently have in place.


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