an unforgettable tour through Botswana

For those who fancy a tour through Botswana will meet their expectations with our partner Under Botswana Sky!

To get to know the different regions of Botswana you can ideally combine the following lodges and gain an extraordinary impression of Botswana`s unique landscape.

  • Chobe Safari Lodge oder Chobe Bush Lodge
  • Moremi Crossing oder Gunn`s Camp
  • Pom Pom Camp
  • Nata Lodge
  • Gunn`s Camp
  • NEW Camp ***Rra Dinare

Furthermore, camps like Lebala, Tau Pan and Nxai Pan will add to an unforgettable holiday!

One option would be the Green Desert Safaris package of 4-12nights, however the camps can also be booked individually.

Under One Botswana Sky also offers following popular packages:

Honeymoon & Romance Safari    6 nights (3 nights Pom Pom Camp + 3 nights Gunn`s Camp)

Photographic Package Chobe       2 nights (Chobe Safari Lodge or Chobe Bush Lodge)

Family Safaris                                    6 nights (3 nights Pom Pom Camp + 3 nights Chobe Bush Lodge)

Wilderness Camping from Gunn`s Camp / Moremi Crossing only possible between April/ Oktober