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Mma/Rra Dinare Camps

Mma/Rra Dinare is set in a private 272 km2 concession, adjacent to Moremi Game reserve on
the south-eastern side of the Delta. It overlooks the Gomoti River and its flood plains and the
camp has been designed to embrace the natural surroundings. This is a 100% eco-friendly development, featuring the latest in solar and waste technology.


RRA DINARE CAMP (father buffalo)

  • 8 tents +1 guide’s tentoverlooking Gomoti River floodplains

MMA DINARE CAMP (mother buffalo)

  • 9 tents +1 guide’s tentoverlooking Gomoti River floodplains

Both camps have one family tent (age restriction 6yrs)


Game drives
Bush Walks
Wateractivities mokoro (seasonal)


  • Mma/Rra Dinare
  • How to get there: The airstrip which will be servicing the two camps is approximately 20min by chartered flight from Maun and 1h20min from Kasane. The camps are situated 45min game drive from the airstrip. Location South-Eastern Okavango, Botswana