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As a travel specialist for East Africa (DMC), we ensure that all safaris and their operations are run to the highest quality and service. We have extensive knowledge of East Africa and we make it our responsibility to visit all the places we recommend in our itineraries.

We believe that efficient service, high quality and transparency are the most important aspect of our business. We guide you through all the options for a safari. We offer you genuine opinions based on first hand experiences of places. We give you a transparent breakdown of all cost in all our itineraries and organize private and exclusive safaris.

Our Guides

A big part of your safari experience is determined by your guide. Our guides are specialist in their field, wildlife and environment. They have charismatic personalities and are fluent in English.

You will be accompanied by a private guide throughout your safari. He will lead you through the spectacular landscapes of Kidepo National Park and onto the sweeping plains of the Serengeti National Park. His knowledge of the areas you will visit ensures that you have an extraordinary safari.

Our guides are passionate about their countries and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with you during your safari.  All our guides are fantastic with children.

They will teach you the beauty of the wildlife and the diversity of the ecosystems. They will show you the balanced harmony of nature: the symbiotic relationships between the animals and their environment. They will teach you the difference between a leopard and lion track. They will introduce you to the big and small five.

Our guides are genuine professionals of the wild.


We like you to travel in style: in the spacious luxury of our 4 x 4 private safari vehicles. You will have exclusive use of a luxury safari vehicle for the duration of your safari.

Our vehicles have game viewing roof hatches with sun shades to ensure that you get an optimum game viewing experience. The interiors are spacious and equiped with fridges to keep your beers cold.

You will feel at one with nature from the roof of the vehicle as you watch the migration in the Serengeti National Park or sit sipping a beer by the Maasai Mara watching hippos in the river below.